Vince Camuto

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Vince Camuto was an American footwear designer who was a known industry name, most widely recognized for his co-founded fashion brand Nine West. Since Nine West started in the late '70s, Vince Camuto continued to evolve his products, delving into new ideas and branching out to locations all over the US.

The Vince Camuto brand sees apparel, footwear, accessories, and perfume on its shelves, always releasing vibrant designs and merchandise that is appealing and modern. You can find all of Vince Camuto perfumes in elegant bottles with a tastefully selected color palette, the majority of which have some sort of affiliation with Camuto's Italian roots.

The Fiori perfume, Fiori translating to flowers in Italian, has floral notes and might remind the wearer of a warm summer's day in an Italian garden. Solare, with its bold orange packaging, stays true to its namesake; bold and radiant like the sun. This perfume holds a resemblance to how Camuto viewed his Italian heritage; full of creativity and vitality. Other popular fragrance products include Homme and Amore. Discover more of their range with SkinStore, an official stockist of Vince Camuto.
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