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Since 1948, Talika have been bringing innovation to the health and beauty industry. Danielle Roches, a WW2 nurse, founded the brand in 1948 after realizing a balm created from plants and herbs used to heal soldiers with eye burns helped their lashes and eyebrows to grow significantly. Roches marketed the product, and the first Talika eyelash conditioning cream was created.

After releasing their first eyelash product, Talika has gone from strength to strength and has developed a range of skincare and beauty products. Their beauty products combine skincare with makeup and utilize natural pigmentation to help their users create natural, fresh makeup looks. Talika search for the best ingredients in the natural world to help create natural, safe yet effective skincare products that are truly effective and practical for their user.

Talika ensures every product they create has a clear destiny. Whether it's helping to thoroughly cleanse the skin, aid in the growth of lashes and eyebrows, or hydrate the complexion, they capitalize on the treasures of the natural world and create products that are innovative and industry-leading. Talika aims to create products that can revolutionize the lives of women and men and are constantly pushing themselves to create and deliver products that are not available anywhere else in the world.

After conquering the Japanese beauty market, Talika is now available in over 60 countries and has built a stellar reputation for itself around the world. From innovative enzyme masks to non-greasy makeup remover, Talika products have the power to revolutionize your skincare and beauty routines and solve common beauty problems, such as products not being effective enough.

Discover the brand loved around the globe today, and browse our selection of Talika products.

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