Baby Clothes And Shoes – A Huge Talking Point

The amount of planning and thought that goes into planning clothing for a baby is disproportionate to what is required. This is primarily so because babies are not fashion conscious and just need to be attire comfortably. They will cry and create a fuss if you try and stuff them into an ill fitting t shirt or trouser. This will change once they grow into toddlers who have a mind of their own.

With the increasing awareness of fashion and style, even kids as young as tree years of age have an opinion about what looks good and what does not. But even at this stage all one needs to do to make them like a dress is to distract them with a swirl or show them a pleasing cartoon printed on the top to amuse them and forget all about what they were wailing about initially.

With the kind of options available for different kinds of clothing and apparel for kids, these days buying for kids has become a hot topic among parents. One which is the most popular is the topic of baby shoes. Available in the market today are baby sneakers, baby ballet shoes and many more. All parents know that babies are not likely to run on a race track or do an elegant twirl in the air like a ballet but in spite of that parents fall for these different kinds of shoes and spend a fortune purchasing them.

Baby shoes are meant not for walking, running or hiking but to for some basic purposes like protection of the feet, provide warmth and allow for easy maneuverability while crawling. They do not need to be tough enough to handle miles of walking, dancing or any other outdoor activities. And therefore most baby shoes will suffice till the child actually starts walking or running. To net the whole argument, swanky and expensive baby shoes today actually serve the purpose of appeasing the desire of parents so that they can show of their baby to friends and relatives.

The fact that these designer shoes are miniature in nature itself adds to the prettiness and by dressing them like ourselves we make them look like ‘mini me’s’ to satisfy our ego’s. We can choose our babies to wear shoes with butterflies, animals and heart shapes on them; something we might find sweet and love to do ourselves but dare not.

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