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Tanning meets cosmetics with MineTan. MineTan understands that fake-tanning is about more than putting a shade of brown all over your skin. MineTan products work with your skin by illuminating, hydrating, and enhancing it. At MineTan, they focus on the individuality of every human being. Ever been to the store for something and couldn't find your shade? You won't have that problem with MineTan. You can customize the kind of bronze you get to suit your skin tone, skin type, and your desired result.

MineTan's collection of tanning products sold in the US and globally go beyond the simplistic nature of categorizing skin as light, medium, or dark. MineTan offers a complexity of tones including light-medium, medium-deep, and very deep. They also have products that cater to first-time tanners as well as fully seasoned bronzers. Alongside evening out your skin tone, MineTan's selection of tanning cosmetics reduces unwanted orange tones.

MineTan stands out from a lot of other tanning products on the market not only for their focus on the individuality of skin color and tone but due to their 'clean tanning' way of life. Their products are 100% vegan and natural DHA, palm oil, paraben, and sulfate-free, They are also made using sustainably sourced materials that are recyclable. Shop their tanning products with SkinStore, an official stockist of MineTan in the US.
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