Margaret Dabbs

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Margaret Dabbs London is the globally recognised brand that fuses together the best of medical science with the best of beauty to produce a unique and unrivalled range of effective, yet luxurious products and treatments for Feet, Hands & Legs.

At the heart of the business is Margaret herself, who as the founder has guided the business and infused her own philosophy and beliefs into all of the products and treatments. She alone has put feet and hands where they belong – at the forefront of the beauty industry. The Margaret Dabbs London Foot Products are where it all began, with the Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion, which delivers that “Walking on Air” feeling that you can only ever get from a Margaret Dabbs London Foot product. The ‘Miracle in a Pot’ Foot Hygiene Cream followed, and has delighted customers, who have been simply blown away by the instant results it gives, with even the most unruly feet being transformed overnight. The range has since expanded to include award-winning Hands and Legs collections, combining the most effective ingredients with podiatry expertise to deliver products that really work.

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