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Hollywood Browzer is a brand that keeps the importance of beautiful brows at the heart of all they do. Specializing in dermaplaning products, Hollywood Browzer blends exfoliation, hair removal, and brow shaping into a must-have tool for your beauty kit.

Founded by Amy Anzel, Hollywood Browzer was created following her experiences as an actress in Hollywood. She spent hours in dressing rooms and make-up trailers, observing the tricks and techniques of professional makeup artists and Hollywood celebrities. Wanting to offer the people of the US the kind of luxury and innovative treatments as seen in Hollywood, Amy launched the Hollywood Browzer.

The Hollywood Browzer uses dermaplaning to help rejuvenate and prepare the brows and the surrounding area for make-up application. Dermaplaning is an exfoliating technique that gently removes the top layer of your skin including any stray hairs. Whilst it's perfect for eyebrows, it works wonders on any part of the face, creating a 'clean canvas' effect for the beginning of your beauty regime.

You can find a variety of dermaplaning and brow-perfecting products at Hollywood Browzer as well as beauty kits and accessories fit for a movie star! Take a look through their range today at SkinStore, an official stocklist of Hollywood Browzer in the US.
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