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Founded by Melissa Jochim, High Beauty is a skincare brand committed to creating natural and organic products that are genuinely beneficial and healthy. Fascinated by hemp's chemistry, Jochim created High Beauty to develop skincare compositions that captured hemp's endurance and longevity. Today, the brand continues to utilize hemp's power to formulate skincare products that ensure everyone feels beautiful and comfortable in their skin at any age. High Beauty aims to use hemp seed oil to its full potential, hydrating and replenishing your skin.

The formulation at the heart of High Beauty's success is the addition of bioflavonoids and terpenes, which replicate the whole-plant benefits of hemp, bringing your skin to its highest potential. These ingredients make the hempseed oil even more effective, giving you healthy and beautiful skin. With a host of skin-loving ingredients, including organic plant oils and extracts, High Beauty products help calm inflammation while protecting skin with potent antioxidants.

All beauty products are free of psychoactive substances such as CBD and THC and are 100% legal. To maintain sustainability, the brand uses naturally farmed and sourced ingredients, creating the purest and cleanest formulations. We're proud to be an official stockist of High Beauty's product in the US, so browse this quality skincare range today.

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