At-Home Pedicure Products

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Treat yourself to a pedicure with the SkinStore foot care collection. Our range includes a selection of exfoliators, moisturizers, masks and nail polishes, inviting you to indulge an at-home pamper session.

Begin your DIY pedicure by removing old nail polish with cotton pads and a nail polish remover. Next, buff the soles of the feet to eliminate any dead skin cells, using either physical or chemical exfoliation. Then, apply a softening cream to smooth the heels and maintain fresh, supple skin.

Trim or file the nails down and apply cuticle oil. Follow with a clear base coat or a strengthening nail varnish and select your favorite color. We have a vast collection of nail polishes to choose from, featuring brands such as OPI, Dermelect, NCLA and Sally Hanson. Finish with a clear top coat to protect the polish from chipping. Discover sandal-ready feet and shop the foot care collection at SkinStore.

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