Choosing Running Clothes and Shoes

Always make sure your clothes are appropriate for the activity you are engaging in. Select clothes made from material that “breathes” and that will not constrict your movements. Synthetic fabrics are often the best choice for running as the material will help to “wick” the moisture away from your body. A cotton shirt will absorb the sweat and hold onto it so you feel it against your skin. Save the cotton t-shirts you get from your racing goody bags for working around the house or doing casual workouts like stretching or yoga.

Shoes are more important than any other article of clothing. Choose shoes that offer support and proper cushioning. In order to avoid injury and sore muscles, it is essential to have shoes that fit properly. You should have half an inch of space between the front of the shoe and your longest toe. Walk around, run in place and jump up and down to check the fit. Your heel should not move around. Good shoes that fit properly should be comfortable right away. Never purchase athletic shoes with the idea that they are going to get more comfortable after you break them in.

Replace shoes if you experience any aches and pains in your feet, knees, legs, and hips or lower back. It is important to replace shoes that are worn out. This will help in alleviating injury which could keep you on the sidelines indefinitely. Running shoes should be replaced after about 4 to 6 months. I would high suggest purchasing shoes through a store where the sales staff understands your needs and can measure your feet properly. Many times they have a treadmill available for you to run on so they can analyze your gait.

Following these guidelines will guarantee your running experience to be more enjoyable, more comfortable, and injury-free. See you at the finish line!

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